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Local Learning Centres content

Local Learning Centres

UHI Argyll has a network of learning centres in Oban, Dunoon, Helensburgh, Campbeltown and on the island of Arran, Bute, Islay and Mull. You may only experience your own centre, but you can be confident that you are part of something bigger.

One of the things that makes UHI Argyll different is the friendly atmosphere and the number of staff who'll get to know you by name. We have support staff in every centre so you always have someone to go to for help or advice. You can find their contact details in the links below.

Your local centre content Centre rules content

Centre rules

Student ID Card & photos content

Student ID Card & photos

Student ID Card & photos

As a student of Argyll College UHI you will receive a student ID card which will have your photo (if you wish), your student ID number and a barcode on it. We've created a digital ID card.

Your ID card will appear as a tile in your myDay portal - when you click on the tile you will see your digital card on the screen.

If you open myDay on your smart phone you can take a screenshot and save this as an image if you want to keep it handy.

You don't need to upload your own photo, but if you want to you can upload your image in the UHI student Hub

  1. Log into your student hub and click on the Student Photo Upload section in the image below.
  2. Upload your photo and then let your local centre staff know that you have done this.
  3. Centre staff will approve your photo and it will show on your virtual ID card.
IT content


The links below will guide you to support with technology.

Using your own laptop or computer content

Using your own laptop or computer

Using your own laptop or computer

We’re expecting all students to attend your classes from your local learning centre. In our centres, we can provide you with computers or laptops and help with IT support if you need it.

You might want to use your own device. Here are a few top tips if you do:

  • Do not use a smartphone to join online classes – you won’t be able to join the class chat or access certain features you’ll need.
  • Chromebooks do not currently work with UHI software and services.
IT Help content

IT Help

IT Help

The UHI Servicedesk is the University of the Highland and Islands central IT Servicedesk available to all university students and staff. We provide 1st line support for queries and faults on service maintained by IT and Digital Infrastructure (ITDI) as well as passing calls to local academic partner teams and 3rd party suppliers.

What we do

The servicedesk provided by UHI is here to help students and staff to make the best of the technical resources available to you. We will help with ICT difficulties or faults which may arise in a timely manner, to reduce the disruption to you. We will analyse the requests received to help improve the service we offer and to shape future technology plans.

Our commitment to you

  • we will always answer your call or email as quickly as we can
  • we will provide friendly service at all times and treat you with respect
  • we will aim to resolve your issue first time if possible
  • we will pass your request to the correct specialist or local ICT team if the servicedesk cannot resolve the call
  • we will keep you updated through the calls created so you know what progress has been made
  • we will analyse calls created to identify and resolve recurring problems
  • we will accurately make note of the details of your problem and refer to any history if required

The servicedesk team is your first point of contact and they will know who to pass your request to if it cannot be resolved first time. The university has a full team of technology specialists to deal with more in-depth problems. We also work with external service providers to maintain some of our services to you.

Follow us on Twitter @uhiservicedesk for the latest updates on our services.

The Servicedesk can be contacted& as per below.

  • Monday 09:00 to 20:00
  • Tuesday to Friday - 09:00 to 17:00
  • Saturday & Sunday - 12:00 to 16:00
  • Phone: 01463 279150
  • Email:
IT Basics content

IT Basics

IT Basics

You'll be able to use a college computer or laptop when you are in your local learning centre. Centre staff are also on hand to help you log on and find the online services you need.

You will have been asked to set up multi-factor authentication (MFA). This is an added security measure which keeps your work and personal details safe. When you log into any UHI online service outside of a learning centre, you will be asked to enter a code to confirm it's really you. You can receive a code by text or via an app.

Please note that Chromebooks do not currently work with UHI software and services, and we don’t recommend using a smartphone to join online classes.

Accessing your emails

UHI Argyll uses Microsoft Outlook (through Microsoft Office 365) for email.

We will only use your student email address (rather than your personal email) to communicate with you so please make sure you familiarise yourself with this. Your email address will be your student ID number followed by ''.

You can access it in a number of different ways:

  • Through a web browser on a computer, tablet or phone (using MyDay or by visiting
  • By downloading a free copy of Office 365 which includes Outlook
  • On any college PC or laptop.

myDay Portal

myDay is a portal – a central location for finding most of the things you will need as a student. You may need to use your Student ID (8 numbers) and password (this was included in your welcome letter) to log into myDay.

Free software

As a student of UHI Argyll you have access to FREE software. You’ll need to use your student email account. (

Passwords content


This short video will show you how to update or change your passoword. You should change the password you have been given and keep it private. This video has no sound.

Free software content

Free software

Free software

Free Microsoft Office for staff and students

Microsoft Office 365 - Home Use

License Information

All home use licenses are subject to you being a current student or staff member. By downloading and using the software you will be agreeing to the terms and conditions. Please note these are not personal licenses, they are for home use directly related to learning, teaching, training, research or development and shall not be used for commercial, professional or any other for-profit purposes. When you leave the institution you will be required to remove the software.

The University is now able to offer all staff and students, with an email account, Microsoft Office 365 to download for free. This can be installed on up to 5 devices, and on a number of different operating systems.

Microsoft Project isn't available with the free Microsoft Office download but can be accessed through myday. You would first need to request permissions are granted to your account via Unidesk

Visio isn't available with the free Microsoft Office download. If you wish to use this programmes you will have to pay for it yourself.


Office 365 cannot be installed on a Chromebook. Access to Office 365 will need to be done via

Guidance on this can be found on Microsoft's website


Microsoft have many online guides on using MS Office

See our short video tutorial on how to install Office 365:

Additional useful information


Only plugins approved by the University will be supported for Office 365 software package.

Unapproved plugins such as Mendeley cannot be supported.

Microsoft Guidance

Office 365 Download and install Office365.pdf
Office 365 quick start guides

Brightspace - your learning hub content

Brightspace - your learning hub

Your lecturer will help you get familiar with Brightspace so don’t worry too much if it all seems a lot to get used to. The information here will help you get started and you may want to come back and look at it in a few weeks when you’ve become used to using Brightspace.

Accessing your Webex classes from Brightspace content

Accessing your Webex classes from Brightspace

Viewing course content in Brightspace content

Viewing course content in Brightspace

Navigate Brightspace Learning Environment - Content content

Navigate Brightspace Learning Environment - Content

Navigate Brightspace Learning Environment - Lessons content

Navigate Brightspace Learning Environment - Lessons