Applicant Drop-in Sessions

Starting with us this September?

Make sure you’re as prepared as can be and visit your local centre at one of our applicant drop-in sessions. Running every Tuesday morning throughout July and August, you’ll have the chance to:

  • meet our support staff
  • take a tour of the facilities
  • get help to enrol
  • secure your funding
  • check your IT equipment
  • pick up your free welcome pack!


Hear what our students have to say... content

Hear what our students have to say...

Hear what our students have to say...

SVQ Social Services, Children & Young People student

"After leaving school early I knew I wanted to work with children so I contacted my local college. The guidance and support I received was fantastic. After 2 years studying, I graduated at the age of 17 and now work in a nursery that I love." 

BA Business Management student

"Studying at Argyll College has given me the opportunity to study for my degree without having to go to the mainland to do so. Studying closer to home has allowed me to work, save and study. I feel at an advantage with the current Covid situation as long distance learning is what I’m used to." 

HNC Business student 

"This course helped me to increase my business vocabulary and enhanced my ability to read and write as English wasn’t my first language. I simply enjoyed studying and I liked to exchange and expand my knowledge with the lecturer and students." 

NC Social Science student

"Studying locally has been important to me as moving away from home isn’t yet a feasible option. It's also enabled me to manage my time better surrounding assessments/assignments as travel is not an obstacle." 

Digital Media & Web Development student

"While still at school I decided to study the HNC part-time over 2 years (5th & 6th year) as I wanted to study Computer Game Applications Development at university. The web development course I studied through Argyll College UHI was an entry requirement on to this course."

Former Childcare Lecturer

"Argyll College is something that I had wished I had the opportunity to have when I was at Islay High School wishing to become a childcare worker and teacher, but it gave me the opportunity to use my own degree and passion for childcare to become a childcare lecturer. It also gave me the opportunity to move home and use my qualifications to help young aspiring students to become childcare workers. It is a life line for so many students struggling in classes that need a boost of passion for something they really aspire to be. The staff were there throughout to guide me and give me a friendly smile that I was doing a good job and this something I have taken with me back into the nursery classroom where I now work. I am still contacted regularly by former students that have now achieved their HNC in childcare and are working towards their degrees at home on Islay which I just feel is so inspiring and wouldn’t be available if it wasn’t for Argyll College giving them that opportunity."


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