Student policies


UHI Argyll operates in an open and transparent way. The following publications provide information on our structure and policies.

The documents in this section are in portable document format (pdf) and will open in an external window.

The following policies set out our aims and objectives

  • UHI Argyll Student Conduct Policy
  • UHI Argyll Student disciplinary procedures & appendices
  • UHI Argyll Student Code of Conduct
  • Learning Support Policy Tertiary 2021 – This policy sets out a regional approach to learner support for UHI Argyll and all academic partners in the University of the Highlands and Islands. The college committed to providing an inclusive learning environment in which every student can make the most of learning and development opportunities available throughout their student journey.
  • ICT Acceptable Use – UHI Argyll computer systems are linked to other academic networks. Any person wishing to use our computer system must agree to the terms of this policy.
  • Fees and Funding Guide
  • Fee Waiver Form
  • Course Fees Policy – The purpose of this policy is to outline the principles applied in respect of course fees, offering instalment facilities, fee waivers and refunds. This policy is compliant with the UHI HE Fees Policy and SFC Regulations.
  • Further Education Fee Waiver Policy – This document sets out the policy for the awarding of further education fee waivers in UHI Argyll. This policy refers to Scottish Funding Council policy and guidelines on fee waivers, which is reviewed annually. A position is also set out for the awarding of discretionary fee waivers from a college’s individual budget
  • Student Support Funds Policy – The purpose of this policy is to outline the principles underpinning the College’s process of assessing and distributing Student Support Funds. The overarching aim of this policy is to ensure that as many eligible students as possible have access to funds within allocated budgets.
  • Student Support Funds Procedure 2022-23
  • Student Support Funds - Attendance and Engagement Appendix 2022-23
  • Student Malpractice Policy – UHI Argyll expects students (candidates) to act with honesty and integrity, and behave considerately, at all times.
  • Access to Assessment Arrangements Policy – Assessment should be a fair test of a learner’s knowledge and what they are able to do.
  • FE Academic Appeals Policy – This policy, together with its associated procedures, provides an appeals procedure to ensure that UHI Argyll policies and procedures are applied appropriately, fairly and consistently to all students.
  • Equality and Diversity Policy – This policy provides a framework within which equal opportunities issues can be effectively managed to promote the value and benefits of social diversity within the college. It supports the development and continuous improvement of an inclusive approach to all college activities.

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