Online wellbeing tools


There are lots of places with information and advice available to help improve and maintain mental health and wellbeing.

Here are some online resources you might find useful:

  • Spectrum.Life - A 24/7 student assistance programme
  • Togetherall - online community with trained guides
  • Headspace (app) - articles, videos and podcasts to help with anxiety, sleep, stress, mindfulness and meditation, both free and paid content available
  • Cope Scotland - self-care videos and more
  • NHS 5 Steps to Mental Wellbeing - five recommended steps that can help
  • NHS Every Mind Matters - expert advice and practical tips
  • Yoga with Adriene - popular yoga sessions via YouTube
  • Freemind (app) - free trial available, uses a combination of meditation, psychology and music
  • Mind - general mental health and wellbeing resource
  • Side by Side - Mind's online space for mental health peer support 
  • Happy Newspaper - somewhere to go for uplifting, good news
  • Reading well - using reading to improve mental health and wellbeing

With so many online tools available now, it can be difficult to know which ones are best for your needs.

Always use messageboards and online communities that have trained moderators to help avoid content that can cause more negative feelings.

If a particular app, website or online community is making you feel worse, you might not have found the right fit for right now, so try some of the alternatives available.