Higher Education students


Full-time Higher Education students

The Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS) administers financial support for HE students following HNC, HND and Degree courses and can be contacted through the SAAS website at saas.gov.uk.

You must apply to SAAS for payment of your tuition fees. If SAAS do not agree to pay your tuition fees then you will need to pay them yourself. It is your responsibility to arrange payment of your HE tuition fees.

You will be required to provide a copy of your SAAS award letter to us at the start of your course.

HE Student Loan

You can also apply through the SAAS website for help with living costs by applying for a student loan or any SAAS bursaries that you may be eligible for.  Student Loans are paid monthly by bank transfer and supplementary grants such as Young Student Bursary are payable in three instalments. HE students do not get any travel or course related costs paid – study books, kit etc are expected to be paid for by the student using their student loan.

Remember that as an HE student you can also apply for discretionary funds and childcare funds via the Student Hub, but you must have applied for the full student loan that you are eligible for first.

Part-time Higher Education students

To pay your tuition fees for part time HE study, you can apply to SAAS for a Part Time Fee Grant. To be eligible you must have an income of less than £25,000 per year and be studying between 30–119 SCQF credits.

You can get further information and download the application form at saas.gov.uk/part_time