Science, Technology, Engineering and Construction


Applied Science HNC 

The HNC Applied Sciences is a wide-ranging course providing a strong base for progression to higher level scientific study to more advanced level science.

You will study a range of topics including biology, chemistry, DNA technology and microbiology. Throughout the course you will acquire a range of practical skills and experience in science disciplines to prepare you for employment or further study.

Locations: Oban


 Performing Engineering Operations

The SCQF level 5 Performing Engineering courseengineer at work is highly practical and is designed to prepare candidates for employment or a Modern Apprenticeship in engineering. Candidates will develop a wide range of skills in engineering practice while gaining knowledge and appreciation of health and safety and employability issues.

The course will be delivered full time in our dedicated engineering workshop at the college's Construction, Engineering and Renewables Centre in Lochgilphead.

Suitable candidates may also have the opportunity of an engineering-related work placement during the course.

Locations: Lochgilphead (CERC)

Engineering Systems NC   

This NC Engineering Systems programme provides knowledge, understanding and skills in a range of engineering studies including Mechanical and Electrical disciplines. The award is a vocational qualification designed to prepare the candidate for employment, career development and progression to higher level study.

Locations: Lochgilphead (CERC)

Engineering Systems HNC  

The HNC Engineering Systems will give you the required technical training to be a technician in design, research, development and service support activities in engineering, manufacturing and consultancy.

You may also be able to use the HNC as a spring-board into the second year of our engineering degrees, including: BEng (Hons) Electrical and Electronic Engineering; BEng (Hons) Electrical and Mechanical Engineering; BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering; or BEng (Hons) Energy Engineering.

Locations: All centres


 Construction NPA

This course is highly practical and enables the candidate to develop employability skills and general construction practice awareness. Suitable candidates may also have the opportunity of a construction-related work placement during the course. This course will be delivered full time in our dedicated workshops and will be an introduction to the following trades:

  • Bricklaying
  • Painting and Decorating
  • Carpentry and Joinery
  • Plumbing
  • Plasterwork
  • Roof Tiling

Locations: Dunoon, Campeltown, Rothesay and Lochgilphead (CERC)

SVQ in Wood Occupations at level 6


The SCQF level 6 Wood Occupations/PDA level 6 Carpentry and Joinery programme is delivered at Argyll College UHI's dedicated Construction, Engineering and Renewables Centre (CERC) in Lochgilphead, providing apprentice joiners with specific trade training specified by CITB, the Construction Industry Training Board.

Locations: Lochgilphead (CERC)

Carpentry and Joinery Advanced Craft PDA


The PDA in Carpentry and Joinery provides invaluable practical experience and knowledge to those who aspire to other professions in Construction outside the role of a developed craftsperson, such as supervision and management.

Completion of your PDA will also give you the opportunity to progress to an Advanced Certificate which will further develop you hand skills and more specialised and traditional craft skills.

Locations: Lochgilphead (CERC)

Construction Management HNC

If you aspire to enter the construction industry at a supervisory level, the HNC Construction Management will give you the knowledge and skills to achieve this.

The construction industry is one of the most diverse and interesting fields to work in, with careers available including: architectural technology; construction management; quantity surveying; and facility management

Locations: Lochgilphead (CERC)