There are many levels of study available depending on whether you're just starting out or are currently working in a business setting and want to increase your skillset

Business and administration skills are useful across sectors as they are the backbone of any business; whether you are interested in construction, the outdoors or the arts, knowledge in these skills is an asset and increases your desirability in employment.

Business, Administration and Marketing NQ content Group of office workers gathered around a computer making decisions

Business, Administration and Marketing NQ

Designed for the modern work environment, you will gain a strong understanding of administration technologies, business and marketing approaches - plus important finance and customer service skills, crucial for all relevant career options. 

Business, Marketing and Tourism NQ content Group of staff chatting in the office

Business, Marketing and Tourism NQ

This course will give you an excellent grounding in business and marketing approaches, technologies, and travel and tourism subjects - plus also help you develop key finance and communication skills.

Administration and Information Technology HNC content Happy man at his desk

Administration and Information Technology HNC

The HNC Administration and Information Technology is designed to meet the demands and requirements of today's modern business environment and will stand you in good stead to pursue a successful career in business administration.


Administration and Information Technology HND content Happy woman at her desk

Administration and Information Technology HND

Businesses and other organisations rely upon people with good skills in administration and information technology.

This more advanced course can help your career by providing you with a high level of practical and problem-solving skills you need to improve your job prospects.

Business HNC content laptop and tablet showing graphs

Business HNC

HNC Business will give you an excellent introduction to a wide range of business and management skills.

You will gain a broad spectrum of skills that are highly sought-after by employers, including marketing, communication, IT, business accounting, business law, customer care and people management.

The diverse nature of the course will ensure that you are equipped with the knowledge to undertake a variety of business roles, and the business world will be your oyster!

Business Management BA (Hons) content woman looking at desktop screen

Business Management BA (Hons)

This programme is a high-quality, broad-based qualification which provides the fundamental knowledge and skills required for the contemporary business environment.

In this ambiguous global economy, this programme will enable students to not only consider business holistically but also undertake complex problem solving: comprehending the interconnectedness of decision making and effectively communicating those decisions to a wide range of internal and external stakeholders.