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Access to Further Education Level 4 content Student sat in Library reading books and working

Access to Further Education Level 4

This course provides a route into Further Education for anyone with little or no previous qualifications. It is a good way to experience several subjects if you are unsure which area you might want to study.
This course is perfect for adults thinking about returning to education and is also suitable for school leavers who may thrive in a college environment.

You’ll study a wide range of subjects and successful completion of this course will enable you to progress to a wide range of NC courses if you wish. 

Access to Nursing (SWAP) content Photo of young male nurse

Access to Nursing (SWAP)

If you’d like to train in the health industry but lack the necessary qualifications, this could be the course for you.
Access to Nursing is part of the Scottish Wider Access Programme (SWAP) and is specifically for people who have been out of formal education for at least 3 years It prepares adult returners for entry into Higher Education and can lead to a place at college or university.

Access to Care (Health & Early Years) NQ Level 5 content Toddler playing with colourful blocks

Access to Care (Health & Early Years) NQ Level 5

This course offers foundational knowledge in Childcare and Health & Social Care, leading to careers in Nursing, Care Practitioner, Social Work or Teaching, among others. It’s scheduled conveniently for parents to fit around Nursery/School hours and is also suitable for school leavers or those seeking a career change.

Access to Engineering content A man and a woman in a workshop looking at something on a table

Access to Engineering

If you think engineering might be for you why not give this 18-week course a go? you'll discover a broad range of different types of engineering and get a flavour of the variety of this subject. If you want to pursue the subject further - you'll have automatic entry to our full course in September - find out whether this could be a career for you. 

You'll gain greater confidence in your abilities and learn more about what's needed for a career in engineering. This is an introductory course and no previous experience is required.

  • Where? Lochgilphead (CERC)
  • Full-time or Part-time? Full-time for 18 weeks
  • Want to find out more? Visit the course page
Construction Skills NQ Level 5 content Someone drilling a screw into wood

Construction Skills NQ Level 5

This course is a blend of practical exercises and activities work where you will gain a range of practical hand skills through Carpentry and Joinery, Brickwork, Painting and Decorating.  Craft skills will be completed and assessed within a workshop environment. You will research job roles and responsibilities within the construction sector, as well as other professions such as architects, project managers, building engineers and surveyors. 
You will learn to plan and manage your workload, produce a plan and generate a range of evidence which will be assessed on an ongoing basis as you work towards completing a project.

  • Where? Campbeltown or Lochgilphead (CERC)
  • Full-time or Part-time? Full-time
  • Want to find out more? Visit the course page