Highers and National 5 courses


Pick up Highers and Nat5s that you might have missed at school, that you need to apply for another course or even to improve your skills at work

English Higher content A man holding an open book and tracing the page with his finger

English Higher

One of the most commonly-required qualifiations for entry to Higher Education and Degree courses. You will develop and extend a range of reading skills through studying, analysing and responding to a wide variety of informational, literary and media texts which contain complex ideas.

  • Where? All centres
  • Full or Part-time? Part- time/Evening/Flexible
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English National 5 content Woman making notes at her desk, with computer screen on in front of her

English National 5

An ideal starting point for those who have not achieved an English qualification at school, and who wish to prepare for further study. Investigate a range of fiction, including a specified Scottish writer, and non-fiction texts in order to understand and appreciate the techniques writers use to create meaning and impact in their writing.

  • Where? All centres
  • Full or Part-time? Part-time/Evening/Flexible
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Mathematics National 5 content Person using a protractor

Mathematics National 5

Build your confidence in mathematics by learning to use and understand algebra, trigonometry, geometry, number processes and statistics.

  • Where? All centres
  • Full or Part-time? Part-time evening
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