Gender Pay Gap Information


Argyll College UHI is an equal opportunities employer and is committed to the fundamental principle that the pay and conditions of employment of all staff are non-discriminatory and free from bias.

As part of that principle, staff of different age, race, disability, sexual orientation, gender, gender re-assignment, marital or civil partnership status, religion or belief and non- belief and regardless of whether pregnant or on maternity leave, will receive equal treatment.

As part of this commitment the College ensures that all employees receive equal pay for the same or similar work.

Gender Pay Gap Information:
To measure the gender pay gap the hourly rate of pay was calculated for all staff employed on 1st April 2017. At this point in time, the college employed 154 staff, of which 104 were female and 50 were male. The data was split by gender, the mean and median values were calculated and are shown on the infographic on the right.

As a benchmark, the Scottish pay gap is 15% and the pay gap in the UK is 17%, based on the median calculation. A Highlands and Islands Enterprise report, titled “Occupational Segregation in the Highlands and Islands” reported that “There is clear evidence of a gender pay gap in the Highlands and Islands with earnings higher amongst men than women. The gap is wider than the average for Scotland (15%) in all local authority areas within the region ranging from 18% in Highland to 23% in Moray. segregation-in-the-highlands-and-islands.html

Within Argyll College, in the lower quartile of hourly rates, the majority of staff (81.6%) are female. Most of these staff are the college cleaners and nursery staff, who are paid higher than the local rate for the job, but are still the lowest paid staff employed by the college. All cleaners employed by the college are female and within the nursery there is only one male employed, despite an open advert for all vacant posts.

In the lower middle and upper middle quartiles, the majority of staff are female: 74% in the lower middle and 60% in the upper middle. The majority of core non teaching staff are within this area. These staff are paid well for the local area, but paid lower than teaching staff. Most of these staff, which includes centre managers, are females.

In the upper quartile, the split is 55% female and 45% males, reflecting the high number of females within the college senior management team: 6 females and 2 males. Within this quartile are teaching staff paid the higher rates to teach HE by VC. The hourly rates have been rationalized, from 1st August 2017, to provide a single hourly rate for all teaching regardless of level or mode of delivery, to align with the pay harmonization salaries for un-promoted teaching staff across the sector.