Structure and policies


Argyll College UHI Ltd operates in an open and transparent way. The following publications provide information on our structure and policies.

Mission Statement

Argyll College UHI will provide high quality innovative education opportunities, act as an economic driver to enhance the skills and development of the local economy and develop a reputation for excellence which will encourage students to study in the communities we serve.

College Values content

College Values

College Values

We want to be recognised as:

  • Inclusive - education for all
  • Of our Community – be engaged and responsive
  • Providing individualised learning – be innovative
  • Student centred – respect for the whole student (nurturing, supporting, personalisation)
  • A valued contributor to education and economic development in Argyll and the Isles
  • Good partners – to widen opportunities

We should aspire to:

  • Industry standard courses (not just SQA)
  • Specialist centres and unique provision (including degree)
  • Be responsive to local needs
  • Develop Research activity
  • Consistent and clear progression
  • Educational tourism
  • Aspirational choice both locally & nationally
  • Recognisable dynamic brand
  • Providing appropriate innovative education
  • First choice provider for local organisations and stakeholders
  • Sustainability in all our operations
  • More responsive to local need
  • More teaching space Flexible space utilisation, maximise usage
  • Defined student space
  • Student halls
  • Appropriate & up to date resources
  • Focused and appropriate support services

We aim to provide a high standard of service. Any expression of dissatisfaction by students or customers is treated seriously. Details of our complaints procedures are now available.

Freedom of Information (Scotland)

Every public authority is required to adopt and maintain a publication scheme.

College Structure content

College Structure

College Structure

This section is to allow visitors to the site to understand the staffing structure of the college and to provide information on the college's strategic planning and operational targets.


Argyll College UHI makes all reasonable efforts to ensure that all information provided through this web site, published on the Internet, is accurate at the time of inclusion. However, there may be inadvertent and occasional errors, including typographical errors, for which we apologise. Information may also be updated or changed at any time without notice.

Documents in this section are in portable document format (pdf) and will open in an external window.

College Policies content

College Policies

College Policies

The following policies set out our aims and objectives.

  • Complaints Handling Policy
    We aim to provide a high standard of service. Any expression of dissatisfaction by students or customers is treated seriously. Details of our complaints procedures are now available.
  • Data Protection Policy Argyll College UHI is committed to ensuring that personal data is collected, stored and disposed of in a secure and appropriate manner.
  • Employers Liability Insurance
    This is a copy of our current Employers’ Liability Insurance. It has been placed here to make it reasonably accessible to our employees. The original certificate is held on file at our main office.
  • Equality and Diversity Policy
    This Policy defines the framework through which equality of opportunity will be managed for all College staff, students, visitors and other stakeholders, including job applicants and potential students.
  • Further Education Admissions Policy
    This policy provides the basis for admissions into further education courses provided by the colleges within the UHI partnership.
  • Further Education Fee Waiver Policy
    This document sets out the policy for the awarding of Further Education fee waivers in Argyll College UHI and the University of the Highlands and Islands.
  • Further Education Fee Waiver Procedures
    The University of the Highlands and Islands operates to a common set of Further Education Fee Waiver procedures across all of the partnership. These procedures and key definitions are set out in this document.
  • Fees-and-funding-booklet
    Students may qualify for a discount in their course fees. This document outlines the criteria and application process
  • Policy on Policies
    These policy and procedures set out the framework for the approval and implementation of Policies and Procedures.
  • Recruitment, Selection and Retention
    Argyll College UHI aims to provide a professional and consistent approach to its recruitment andselection of employees, which will be open, transparent and provide equal opportunities to all.
  • Safeguarding Policy and Procedure
    This policy outlines the College's framework for protecting children, young people and adults at risk from harm, abuse and exploitation, and supporting our students and staff through our general Duty of Care.
  • Value for Money Policy
    This policy and procedure expresses how the college recognises its responsibility to achieve value for money from all of its activities.
  • Access and Inclusion Strategy
    This Access and Inclusion strategy is based on Argyll College UHI’s mission, which is to provide high quality innovative education opportunities, contributing to the development of the Argyll economy and enhancing the quality of life for the communities the college serves.
  • Health and Safety Policy 
    It is the aim of Argyll College UHI Ltd to minimise the risk of injury or ill health to any person who may be affected by our work activities and the Board of Directors are firmly committed to achieving the standards set out within this policy.
  • Conflict of Interest Policy
    The purpose of this Policy Document is to provide guidance on addressing Conflicts of Interest that may arise. The policy applies to all staff and all areas of College provision for all Awarding Bodies associated with qualifications delivered by Argyll College UHI.
  • Argyll College Corporate Parenting Plan
    Argyll College recognises that it has a responsibility as a Corporate Parent.  As such the College will strive to support all care experienced students to improve their outcomes and achievements.  The Corporate Parenting Plan shows how the college will do this.
    This provides detailed information on our Equality Impact Assessment
  • Equality and Diversity Mainstreaming Report
    The college has always regarded itself as an equal and diverse organisation, though without specific formal policies in place.
  • Policy of Discretions
    Argyll College UHI Ltd is an admitted body into the Local Government Pension. This document provides more information on this scheme.