Student stories

Watch Charlotte's story

"You're making an impact on children's lives"

Watch Jacob's story

"I love the delivery of the two tutors and the kind of connection they have with the students."

The most important part of Argyll College UHI is our student community.

Read their stories and watch them talk about their experiences of what it's like to study with us, and how they have benefited from our personalised approach to learning.

Whether you are an aspiring artist or engineer, scientist or carer, there is a place for you at college.


Ciaran - Childcare student

“I’m loving the course, I’m loving my placements and my tutors could not be more helpful and supportive. I’m looking forward to repaying all their hard work by taking this all the way to becoming a qualified teacher status.”


Ghita - Art & Design student

“Ultimately I would perhaps like to pursue a career in teaching. I get on so well with my tutors, and have formed really strong relationships with them that I’d like to be able to impact in a similar fashion on people like myself in the future.”


Ellie - Agriculture student

"I already have a flock of 40 sheep and have rented 60 acres of land from the Forestry Commission on a special 5-year lease for young farmers. I had a lot of people telling me not to go into farming – I didn't listen to them and I'm glad I've tried."

Watch Emily's story

From crazy hair colours in school to following a career she loves... 

Watch Julie-Anne's story

"I thought, I'm doing it as it's always something I've wanted to do!"


Daniel - Maritime Skills student

"All of the instructors are people who come from the maritime industries so can tell you how all of this applies in real life. It’s opened doors for me and I’d definitely recommend it"

Watch Wendy's story

“I know I’m a bit older than most students, but it’s never too late to study something you love. I’m so grateful to Argyll College for enabling me to do that, and I recommend that anyone who’s interested in studying – whatever age they are – visit their local college centre and find out what’s on offer.” 

Anna Whitelaw

Anna - Applied Science student

"This has been a really good stepping stone to get the extra qualifications to take me into University. My ultimate goal is to be a pathologist, so it’s been great to get offers for my first degree because of this course."