Free Money Management Course

UHI Argyll and Argyll and Bute Council have joined forces to help people learn new maths skills that support everyday life, like budgeting and managing money.

Positive about Money is a free, 12-week course, from 6-8 pm, starting on Tuesday 11 April, which helps with:

  • understanding costs involved with borrowing money;
  • considering insurance and long-term financial planning; and
  • looking at different ways of buying goods and how to compare different deals.

Sessions take place an online virtual classroom, led by an experienced lecturer. We’ve designed our sessions to be useful, practical, and fun so that you will get as much benefit as possible from the learning.

Positive about money is fully funded through Multiply, a UK Government programme to help adults improve their numeracy skills. The programmes are aimed at people with no or low-level maths skills.

We’ll make the classes practical and fun, so you get as much benefit as possible from the learning.

Long-term, these courses can help build your confidence and gain a qualification. Good numeracy skills can lead to better job opportunities or more study.

Martin Jones, Principal and Chief Executive, UHI Argyll, says:

“We’ve talked to employers a lot recently and they’ve told us just how important core skills, like numeracy, are in the workplace. So, we’re delighted to be working with the council to put on courses that provide practical help to people in their day to day lives and that offer a stepping-stone to further qualifications and better employment prospects.”

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