UHI Argyll Research Published

UHI Argyll Lecturer, Les Wright, recently attended the UHI RC2023 conference hosted by UHI Moray, a two day event was an opportunity for research staff and students to showcase a selection of the varied research happening across the university to present his research entitled: "Laser De-Bayering of Low-Cost Image Sensors", which was also peer reviewed and published by IEEE Sensors Letters Journal, earlier this month.

We asked Les to sum up his research for us, ‘’Mobile phone camera sensors are mass produced, inexpensive, and have found their way into educational computing platforms such as the Raspberry Pi.
These cameras record colour images and video, and in order to 'see' colour they have a special colour filter bonded to the surface of the camera chip.

Colour cameras however are not well suited to scientific applications and whilst black and white cameras are available, they are made in small quantity and are therefore expensive. Scientific cameras are not produced for the Raspberry Pi.
A system was devised to modify a colour camera sensor, by selectively vapourising the colour filter layer from the surface of the camera with Lasers. The result is a scientific grade camera that can 'see' across the entire visible spectrum from the Ultraviolet to the Infrared, allowing these cameras can be used in applications such as Astronomy, educational spectroscopy, and even detecting if a person has applied sunscreen correctly.''

You can read the article here (sign in required for full article) https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/9999000