January 2023

Make this year mean more! content

Make this year mean more!

Do you want to get back into education but don’t know where to start?

With our great range of Access Courses, suitable for adults of any age, now is the time to give learning another go. 

Rising prices and soaring inflation are affecting everyone, that why we’ve made learning free in January 2023. We’re waiving student fees for full time and part time Further Education courses – that’s everything up to SCQF level 6 and excluding leisure and commercial courses.

Don't let anything stand in your way - APPLY NOW, and learn for free in 2023. 

Access to Further Education content Happy man at his desk

Access to Further Education

You might have always joked about the fact that your degree has come from the university of life. But you may well have always intended to go on to further your education. Sometimes life gets in the way. If that sounds familiar, this course is the place to start.

You’ll experience a variety of subjects and start to build study skills and confidence.  

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Access to Care content Female support worker in a nursing home

Access to Care

Offering a broad general introduction to many aspects of the Care Sector, you’ll get a flavour of various care settings including health, social care and childcare. This is an ideal starting point if you’d like to return to college after a break in education, or are not sure which area is right for you. 

Access to Construction content Bricklaying

Access to Construction

You’ll be able to undertake a range of practical activities to help you develop skills in carpentry and joinery, brickwork, roof tiling, painting and decorating. This is a broad, basic course which is great if you want to try out lots of things and decide whether a career in construction could be for you.

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Access to Engineering content Smiling engineering student wearing PPE

Access to Engineering

You’ll be able to undertake a range of practical activities to help you develop skills in metalwork: cutting, forming and assembling; using hand tools and servicing equipment. This is a broad, basic course which is great if you want to try out lots of things and decide whether a career in engineering could be for you.

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Modern Social Media Skills content Close up of a mobile phone with lots of apps

Modern Social Media Skills

This is a beginners course and a great way to help you find your feet in the fast moving world of social media. Whether you’re aiming to take your small business to new heights, have dreams of becoming a blogger or influencer (or just want to know what that is!) or simply need to keep up with your teenagers.  Learn about the different social media platforms, how to stay safe online and how to create videos your friends and customers will love.

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Gardening & Horticulture content Man using pruning shears to trim rows of deep red foliage

Gardening & Horticulture

Improve your gardening and horticultural skills in the beautiful surroundings of Hermitage Park, Helensburgh.

This course is suitable for anyone wishing to improve their gardening skills to have more success in their own gardens. The course is ideal for anyone with an interest in studying horticulture further or starting a career as a gardener.

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Technology Enabled Care PDA content Older and young woman looking at tablet

Technology Enabled Care PDA

This course has been designed and developed to support Scotland's National Digital Health and Care Strategy and workforce education around technology enabled care. It would be of interest to those who are new to technology enabled care as well as those who have experience within the field.

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See more part time courses and single units. content Happy woman at her desk

See more part time courses and single units.

if you don't have much time to spare but still want to learn something new, take a look at more part time study options, which include some single units from our full time courses which can often take as little as 2 hours per week.