Creative Industries


art class

Art and Design 1 - An Introduction (College Certificate)

Using transparent media in the creation of analogous and harmonious colour blends for use in painting. Colour washes, brush techniques, using colour as a means of expression, develop the colour wheel, mixing stages, using line and tone to produce a finished artwork. Gathering material fror portfolio.

Locations: Lochgilphead, Oban

Art and Design NC level 5

This one year course allows students to experience a variety of art disciplines, and gives an understanding of the skills and techniques used for drawing, painting, sculpture, design, surface decorating, digital imaging and consists of a mixture of practical and theoretical elements which will include lectures, visiting guest artists and visits to exhibitions.

Location: Lochgilphead

Art and Design NC level 6

Enjoy experimentation and explore new techniques and new media in this exciting one year course. Whether progressing from our level 5 Portfolio course or entering directly to level 6, this course will give student experience of working in a variety of disciplines within Art and Design, gives an understanding of the skills and techniques used, and students will experience working in a range of environments.

Location: Lochgilphead

HNC Contemporary Art Practice

If you would like to express your artistic side and even make a career from it, this HNC Contemporary Art Practice will allow you to explore the practice and context of contemporary art through drawing, painting and sculpture with up-to-date topics such as conceptual processes and digital art form.

Location: Lochgilphead


stage dancers

Dance NPA

The National Progression Award (NPA) in Dance at SCQF level 5 (Intermediate 2) is an introductory qualification in Dance in which candidates explore choreography and gain an appreciation of dance skills and techniques.

It allows candidates to develop knowledge, understanding and skills in choreography and two different styles of dance selected from the following: Classical, Contemporary, Jazz and Alternative. Students will also research and analyse dance styles and practitioners, putting their learning into context.

Locations: Arran, Dunoon, Helensburgh, Rothesay

Sound Production

sound mini

Sound Production NC

This course will provide candidates the opportunity of acquiring skills and knowledge in sound production, music business and performance.  This will include synthesising and sampling; sound design; critical listening skills; music promotion; a creative project; copyright and enterprise.

Location: Oban

Sound Production HNC

If you're interested in sound production and engineering and would like to influence the music and sounds we listen to on a daily basis, the HNC Sound Production will give you the basic qualifications required to follow this path.

You could forge a career in studio recording and production, live sound and design, and multimedia application, including digital media, gaming and web sounds.

You will be prepared for all sound production environments, including recording techniques, production methods, live sound, broadcast audio and audio for multimedia.

Location: Oban

Sound Production HND


Sound Production and working with audio is at the heart of the creative industries. From the traditional sound engineering and production, recording bands in studios, to the latest interactive sound within computer games and installation of soundscapes into theatres, the modern sound producer must have the knowledge and skills relevant to today's market.

If you are interested in sound production, this HND, available at the Oban campus of Argyll College UHI, will give you the experience, knowledge and technical proficiency to develop your career in this diverse sector.

Location: Oban


thearte mini

Professional Theatre Preparation NPA

The National Progression Award (NPA) in Professional Theatre Preparation is one of a new suite of small NPAs which cover a range of aspects of the theatre industry and  is designed to equip candidates with the knowledge, understanding and skills appropriate to the theatre profession and to develop a foundation for progression to further study in drama.

Locations: Arran, Dunoon, Helensburgh, Rothesay

Technical Theatre NC


The NC in Technical Theatre aims to provide candidates with appropriate skills and knowledge in drama and theatre performance by providing a core set of Units and wide range of optional Units which can be tailored depending on delivery approaches and facilities.

There is a blend of practical and technical work underpinned with theory and research work.

Location: Helensburgh

Acting and Theatre Performance NC

actors on stage

The NC in Acting and Theatre performance aims to provide students with appropriate skills and knowledge in drama and theatre performance. There is a blend of practical and technical work underpinned with theory and research work. Students will study Acting, Voice, Movement, Technical Theatre in Context, Dance and preparation for Audition.

Location: Helensburgh