Creative Arts part-time courses


Our part-time Creative Arts courses can help you explore your artistic side, gain new skills and provide a taster of the full-time courses. Most courses comprise a single SQA unit and cost just £88, however you may be entitled to a fee waiver to cover the cost of the course. 

Drawing for Absolute Beginners content Charcoal drawing on paper

Drawing for Absolute Beginners

Location: Oban | Mondays 10am to 2pm

If you’d like to rekindle your creative side, but haven’t picked up a pencil since school, we can help you build your confidence and skills in a friendly and supportive setting. 

This introductory class is suitable for absolute beginners, as well as anyone who wants to build on existing skills. Our experienced lecturer will be on hand to offer practical creative advice and guidance throughout. 

You’ll find each class structured with drawing tasks to develop your skills and increase your confidence. You’ll explore line, tone, colour, texture, form and structure, and look at different artistic approaches to drawing. You will produce exploratory studies and then progress to observational drawing creating a portfolio of studies.  

At the end of the course you will have successfully completed an SQA level 5 unit. 

Materials provided: 

All necessary drawing equipment, tools, paper and sketchbooks will be provided. As the course progresses, you are more than welcome to bring along your own supplies to use if you prefer. 

Exploring Ceramics content Moulding clay by hand

Exploring Ceramics

Location: Lochgilphead | Tuesdays 6:30pm to 9:30pm, plus two full Saturdays

This course will run from Tuesday 22nd of January for 9 weeks - includes 2 full day (10am – 4pm) Saturday sessions on the 26th Feb and 19th March. There will be a two week break in early Feb.

The course content is very practical, offering an imaginative informal introduction to working with clay using hand building techniques and beginning to make simple sculptural forms.

The class tuition is friendly and informal with practical tips on handling clay, clay materials, tools and equipment, glazes, developing ideas and sketchbooks.

You will gain 1 SQA level 5 unit by completing this course.

Materials provided:

Clay, clay tools and equipment, glazes, brushes (for glazing).


Colour and Painting content Colourful spread of paints and oil pastels

Colour and Painting

Location: Lochgilphead | Wednesdays 9am to 3pm

During this course we will use a variety of painting materials and approaches to produce a sketchbook using water-based painting and drawing techniques.

Each week is structured with creative tasks where you can develop ideas, techniques, and experiment with different subject matters. Topics will include still life, landscape, abstraction, composition, and you’ll learn about different artistic approaches to painting and colour.

The course is ideal for beginners and more experienced learners. You’ll receive practical, imaginative advice and guidance in a friendly informal setting and you will gain 3 SQA level 5 units by completing this course.

Materials provided:

Acrylic paint, gouache paint, brushes, palettes, A4 sketchbook, cartridge paper, coloured pencils, charcoal, pastels.

Introduction to Printmaking content A student rolling printing ink onto a linocut

Introduction to Printmaking

Location: Lochgilphead | Thursdays 5:30pm to 8pm

This exciting evening course will let you explore three printmaking techniques: lino printing, collography and screen printing. You’ll be guided by our experienced lecturer and learn in a relaxed environment. This course is suitable for absolute beginners. 

You’ll be taught how to safely use a variety of inks and tools to explore pattern, design, colour and registration through each printmaking process. 

The course also includes a basic book binding workshop where you will assemble your loose prints into a small handmade book – a perfect gift or memento to keep. 

At the end of the course you will have successfully completed 2 SQA level 5 units.

Materials provided: 

We’ll provide all materials to help you create range of fine art prints, a canvas bag or cushion cover, and a series of gift cards.