Q.        “Who should I get in touch with if I have a learning support or SQA exam related question?”
A.        The Learning Support contact email address is: ACStudentSupport@uhi.ac.uk and the SQA Co-ordinator is Jen McFadyen jen.mcfadyen@uhi.ac.uk

Q.        “It is nearing the time of my exam and I have only recently been assessed as having exam support requirements – is it too late to organise support for the exam?”
A.        It’s never too late!  As long as we are notified as soon as possible, then we can always try to organise the most appropriate exam arrangement for you.  Contact your course Tutor and Learning Support as soon as possible.

Q.        “If I get extra time in school, will I be eligible for the same support in College?”
A.        You probably will be but it does depend on the format and subject of the exam – but you MUST let your Tutor and Student Support know of your additional requirements as soon as possible – we cannot help, if we do not know.

Email: ACStudentSupport@uhi.ac.uk

Q.        “I live in Argyll but I am studying another course (with an SQA exam) at another College.  Can I sit my exam at an Argyll College Centre?”
A.        Yes you can – you must let us know as soon as possible as there are processes and paperwork to follow.

Contact the SQA Co-ordinator Jen McFadyen on jen.mcfadyen@uhi.ac.uk

Q.        “I am studying at one Centre but wish to sit my exam in another Centre – Is this possible?”
A.        Yes it is – if you wish to sit your exam in another Centre or another location altogether please contact the SQA Co-ordinator who will organise this for you.

Q.        “What happens if I miss my exam due to illness or other circumstance outside my control?”
A.        there are measures in place to help students out in situations like this.  If a student misses an exam because of a valid reason, or indeed is unable to complete the exam properly due to an unforeseen circumstance, then we should be able to help,  and will contact SQA on your behalf.  The important thing to remember is that you MUST get in touch with your Tutor and the SQA Co-ordinator as soon as possible after the exam.

Q.        “I no longer wish to sit the SQA External exam – what should I do”
A.        This should be discussed in the first instance with your Course Tutor, and then if you wish to withdraw from the exam, please contact your local Centre staff who will notify the SQA Co-ordinator.