Intention to Progress

Guidance for students

The Intention to Progress forms are only for Argyll College UHI students progressing to the next level of study at Argyll College UHI.

This form is to be completed by:

  • current Argyll College FE and HE, Full Time students and HE, Part Time students wishing to progress to the next level course in the same curriculum area, and

  • ALL Degree students – no tutor comments required for Degree students moving from year1 to year 2 etc.  
    Just the form filled out by the student, and returned to ACAdmissions is fine thank you.

    Intention to progress Form

    For students wanting to move on to a new course, in a different curriculum area, they will be required to apply online.  For example, a student on a childcare course wanting to apply for NC Admin would be required to apply for the new course online.

    Current students wishing to progress from an FE course to an HE course (for example NC Admin to HNC Admin and IT) can use this form, but must also apply online.

    This form is used in place of an interview, so detailed and accurate information is essential.

Please return completed forms to
by the 12th January 2018.

Students who are not sure if they want to apply at this stage, can still apply online at any time

If a student wishes to apply for a degree at a University other than UHI - they must apply through UCAS.
If a student is applying for a UHI degree plus another degree at another university, they must apply through UCAS.

If a student is applying for a Post Graduate course – they must apply through UCAS.

Any queries please direct to Jen McFadyen/Oban Centre, or email them to