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Argyll College UHI offer further and higher education in one of the most geographically fragmented areas of Scotland. We are an academic partner of The University of the Highlands and Islands. The university operates through a partnership of thirteen colleges and research institutions, located throughout Argyll, the Highlands and Islands, Moray and Perthshire.

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Invitation to Tender (ITT)

For: Management and development of Developing Young Workforce (DYW) project for Argyll College UHI Ltd
Date: 19 February 2018


1 Overview of Argyll College UHI Ltd (the “Customer Organisation”)

1.1 Argyll College UHI Ltd is one of 13 partner organisations of the University of the Highlands and Islands. We are Argyll’s largest provider of further and higher education, and have 10 learning centres across Argyll. The Scottish Government recently awarded 3 years funding for the development and support of the Developing the Young Workforce Regional Group in Argyll & Bute. Argyll College UHI is part of that group and is the host employer of DYW Officers and the recipient of the Scottish Government funding.

2 Introduction and Background to the Project

2.1 Funding for three years to March 2020 has been received from the Scottish Government by Developing the Young Workforce Regional Group. The funding has been paid to Argyll College who will, with the Regional Group, lead and drive the change in employer’s engagement with schools and colleges and challenge and support employers to recruit more young people. To date, the project has employed 2 full-time DYW officers within Argyll College. One of those officers has recently left to take up employment elsewhere, and the Regional Group feels this is a good point at which to review and reorganise the current running and structure of the project.

We are seeking a consultant with a proven track record in direction and strategy setting; operational planning; and motivational staff management for a period of up to 6 months. We require that person to strongly assist us in the achievement of the key aims of the Developing the Young Workforce Group (see Annex 1 attached) and to more closely align the DYW project with existing college aims, objectives and activities. We require someone who will be able to review the existing plan in place for the project (see Annex 2 attached) and develop it further in line with those key aims and the wider, national context of DYW; manage, motivate and set targets for current staff to help in the achievement of the overall aims of the project; facilitate communication and feedback channels between the DYW Officer and the college staff structure; manage the budget for the project; and, in conjunction with Argyll College senior management, help to ensure the project’s success and continuation beyond the current funding period.


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