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Argyll and Bute Council and Argyll College UHI are working together to provide appropriate support to students in the senior phase of school. We can help by offering selected Higher National Certificate (HNC)  and degree modules to help you gain some credits at Higher level,  Highers to help with specific career or employment, Skills for work courses to help you gain skills for the current workplace and Schools Link course in conjunction with your local high school.

A number of related modules will be available to participating schools each year. The purpose is to allow students to experience a different learning style and to gain some credits at higher level prior to entering Higher Education.

Skills for Work

These qualifications are for pupils from S4 to S6 level and there may also be some provision in your school for S3 pupils. Where available courses for S3 are at SCQF level 4. Please contact the Schools Coordinator for more information on the courses available in your area.

They help you obtain the knowledge and skills you will require for the current workplace. You will learn how to evaluate your own progress, solve problems, and gain an understanding of and take a positive attitude to the changing world of work.

Skills for work courses are taken as part of your school timetable and depending on the level you choose may run from 2 to 4 hours a week over one or two years.  Skills for work courses may be available in the following levels.

  • Introductory
  • Access 3
  • National 4 (the same as General Level or Standard Grade)
  • National 5 (the same as Credit Level at Standard Grade) or a Higher
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