3 to 5 Years

3-5 yrs

We have two dedicated spaces for this age group, one carpeted, the other vinyl for more messy play!   

We make a wide variety of toys/resources available to the children in this room and there will be lots of opportunities for making choices, plans and decisions, interacting with friends and staff and building relationships.

Being creative, expressing thoughts and feelings, exploring, investigating and experimenting allows children to develop confidence and be actively involved in their own learning. Throughout all of these experiences staff will be there to help support the children, as their role is fundamental in extending learning through play. 

You child will be allocated a Key Worker who will plan activities to meet their individual needs and plan his/her next steps for learning. 

Most of all in this area we aim to provide a safe, stimulating, fun environment where children can learn through play and interaction.  Where they can share their experiences and culture and feel welcomed and valued. 


Parents/carers will be given updates on their child’s development and progress by his/her key worker.   There will be information sheets on the types of activities that we will be carrying out and how you might contribute. 


Part of each day is spent outside, however 3-5 year olds also receive two full days of outdoor fun per week. There are planting areas so that the children can learn to grow and tend to flowers and vegetables. 


Little Learners’ Nursery is situated in a beautiful location close to Dunstaffnage Castle. There are lovely beaches and wonderful surroundings for the children to explore and investigate.  The nursery staff use the outdoor location as an extension of the playroom, using the environment to provide rich opportunities and experiences for the children of all ages. Little Learners’ believes most of all the outdoor area offers children rich opportunities to learn and develop.