Sean Batty Visits Argyll College Islay

TV presenter visits Islay

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Sean with Annie

Written by SFW Journalism student Annie Farrell

Today on the 1st October Sean Batty and his crew came to Islay and one of the places he visited was Argyll College.

To prepare for his arrival the Skills for Work(SFW) hospitality class made him cinnamon swirls and Danish pastries. On his arrival they were also joined by the SFW journalism class and some SFW childcare students.

Everyone was very excitedly waiting for him, although he was 15 minutes late. When he arrived he almost went to Bowmore primary school first but we managed to get his attention and bring him into the hospitality room of the college to enjoy what we made him.

He and his crew were very nice and polite and enjoyed our pastries. We all got round the table for a group picture which ended with Sean dropping some Danish pastries on the floor which everyone found very funny. Overall everyone had a very good time getting to meet Sean and we hope he comes back to visit soon. 

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