Screen Printing Workshop

Lochgilphead center

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Screen pressing

Lochgilphead Screen Printing Workshop

From Monday 5th of August until Friday 9th of August the Lochgilphead Campus ran an exciting, hands on Screen Printing workshop. This intense 5 day workshop was attended by 6 ladies from all over Argyll. All the students were complete beginners but by the end of the week they could all produce beautiful prints on paper as well as fabric.

On the first day the students learnt all about technical aspects of screen printing like the exposure unit and how to expose their screens, how to emulsion their screens and how to wash their screens. They also learn how to mix their inks to the correct ratio.

apply ink for screen printingAfter the theory was over it was time to get creative. The students were then given free rein to create a design which would produce a two colour screen print. We had an eclectic mix of designs including jelly fish, flowers and vegetables. The designs were then drawn onto acetate sheets which would be used as a stencil and exposed onto the screens.

Once the screen was prepped it was time to print. The students were shown how to set up their bench, line up their design and how to use the squeegee to make the print.