Schools Students collaborate on Photoshoot at Mount Stuart House

Here are some photograph's of the work that the Skills for Work Hairdressing (SFW) class in Rothesay have done as part of their course.

As part of the SFW course they had to complete a creativity unit using either a block head or model to create an image they had chosen, I decided I wanted them to have a bit more fun with this unit so I decided to  organise a photoshoot at the Mount Stuart Estate for the students.

The photographer for the day, Hayley McGuire,  is also a student that attends the Rothesay school who is interested in photography and is studying the subject as part of her advanced higher Art class.



Niamh Cassidy - Normal/Granny
Amy Armstrong - Halloween
Skye Stuart - Festival
Sophie Ballantyne - 50's
Mia Kemp - Bride

Photographer - Hayley McGuire