Consider Childcare

As one of the fastest-growing employment sectors in Scotland, Childcare professionals are going to be in increasing demand over the next few years.

Ciaran Norris

If you fancy making the most of the situation and opting for working with children in some capacity as a career, the great news is that you can do your studying right here in Argyll.

Argyll College UHI offers five levels of courses in Childcare, ranging from Childhood Studies: An Introduction right up to BA (Hons) in Childhood Practice or BA (Hons) in Child and Youth Studies.

At present all three and four year olds in Scotland, and eligible two year olds, are entitled to 600 hours a year of free early learning and childcare.

The Scottish Government intends to nearly double this figure to 1140 hours by 2020, which will see a corresponding increase in demand for qualified childcare workers.

Rena MacDonald, Argyll College UHI’s Health and Wellbeing Curriculum Manager, urged anyone interested in pursuing Childcare as a career to check out what’s on offer at their local College centre.

“The additional investment in this sector will have a significant knock on effect on the numbers of trained staff required, so we’re likely to see a big expansion of career opportunities in Childcare over the next few years. Whether you’re new to Childcare and higher education or whether you’d like to boost existing qualifications, Argyll College UHI will have a course to suit you so come in and have a chat, pick up a copy of our prospectus or look at our website.  It might prove the best thing you ever did.”

Think that’s an exaggeration?  Ask Campbeltown man Ciaran Norris, who took Childcare as a taster course at school and is now well on his way to realising his dream of becoming a primary teacher.

Ciaran, 19, said:

“I’ve loved it from Day One, and the fact I can potentially go from zero to qualified early years teacher without ever leaving my home town is fantastic.

“I knew I’d probably be the only male in the class, but it didn’t worry me and I couldn’t have asked for a more positive reaction from everyone I’ve come across – my fellow students, tutors, staff in my placements and also the parents of the kids I’ve been involved with.

“I’m so thankful I opted for Childcare, because I’ve discovered a real passion for it.  I can’t recommend it strongly enough.  If you’re even slightly interested, go and find out more about the options open to you.  That’s what I did, and I’ve never looked back.”

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