Sport and Recreation (SfW) National 4

What is special about this course?

Interest in sport in Scotland is growing. There are about 40,000 people employed in the various aspects of sport and leisure. As the number of sports centres continues to increase, there are more jobs in coaching and sports management. Some jobs are seasonal – skiing or work in holiday centres, for instance, and do not offer permanent employment. Leisure facilities offer a fairly steady source of jobs.

This course will give you the opportunity to find out more about the Sport and Recreation industry and the practical tasks involved in being a sports centre worker. You will learn about planning, setting up and delivering activity sessions; setting up, taking down and checking equipment; helping to plan and review a personal physical training programme, setting short- and long-term goals; dealing effectively with customers; health and safety legislation and helping with accident and emergency procedures.

Entry requirements

You don’t need passes in specific subjects to join this course, but you need a positive attitude and you should be willing to learn new skills and undertake a successful interview.

The course comprises 5 mandatory units. Sport and Recreation: Skills for Employment (1 credit)

On completion of this Unit the candidates should be able to demonstrate a positive approach when interacting with customers, staff and others. This positive approach should include communicating appropriately, being responsive and establishing and maintaining relationships. Candidates will also have developed the ability to review their own progress, identify their strengths, their weaknesses and review their own development needs.

Sport and Recreation: Assist with Activity Sessions (1 credit) On completion of this Unit the candidate will be able to assist in the planning and delivery of activity sessions with the person responsible, using appropriate resources that meet both centre/organisational guidelines and health and safety procedures laid out for the activity sessions. Candidates should also be able to assist in reviewing the activity session with participants and use this evaluation to inform future activity sessions.

Sport and Recreation: Dealing with Facilities and Equipment (1 credit) On completion of this Unit the candidate will have gained experience in setting up and taking down equipment. They will have been involved in ensuring that the manual handling of equipment complies with the manufacturer's instructions as well as with organisational regulations. They will also be aware of the need to check for faults with the equipment and of how these faults might be dealt with. The candidate will have gained experience in cleaning and tidying areas within the organisation, choosing the correct materials and choosing the appropriate personal protective equipment for the task. In addition, they will have gained knowledge and understanding of the importance of the relevant health and safety procedures required.

Sport and Recreation: Dealing with Accidents and Emergencies (0.5 credit) This Unit introduces the candidate to procedures for dealing with injuries and emergencies in a sport and recreation setting. Candidates will participate in a number of practical activities, which will help them to develop knowledge and understanding of a range of procedures to deal with injuries and emergencies, they should be able to complete organisational report forms.

Sport and Recreation: Personal Fitness (0.5 credit) In this Unit candidates will learn, with assistance, how to identify their fitness baseline, plan and organise their own on-going physical training plan, setting both short and long-term personal goals, before putting the physical training plan into action. Candidates will then review their progress with a person responsible and highlight areas that went well, and those that need improvement, before drawing up a revised plan.

How will I study my course?

  • Part Time
  • Skills for Work

You will study at school or your local Argyll College centre depending on your location.

How long will my course last?

1 Academic Year

Where can I study my course?

Start date

In most schools this course will start in June.


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What can I do on completion of my course?

Progression onto NC Sport and Fitness, leading to higher levels of study to Degree level within UHI, or progression into the field of work including leisure centre attendant, fitness / gym attendant, sports development assistant and other jobs within the Sports and Leisure industries

Is there more information available online?

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This course is part of our schools-link senior phase programme and is embedded in your option choices at school. If this course is offered by your school speak to your Guidance Teacher and request an application form.

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