Uniformed and Emergency Services (SfW) Intermediate 1

What is special about this course?

This Skills for Work (SfW) Intermediate 1 Uniformed & Emergency Services course will give you an introduction to the key aspects of the various uniformed and emergency services, and the career opportunities within them.  They will take part in activities designed to promote and sustain physical fitness appropriate to the services.  They will also develop an understanding of team working within the services, and learn about how the various services engage with and assist their community.

This course has been designed to provide students with opportunities to develop generic employability skills in the context of the uniformed and emergency services.  The relevant uniformed services for this course are: the Army, Merchant Navy, Royal Air Force, Royal Navy and Royal Marines.  The relevant emergency services for this course are: the Ambulance Service, Coastguard, Fire and Rescue and Police.  The knowledge and experiences acquired by students may prepare them to work within the context of the uniformed and emergency services sectors within Scotland.

Entry requirements

This Skills for Work course is open to S3/S4 pupils and other relevant student groups

This course is at level 4 (Int 1) and consists of 4 mandatory units:

  • Introduction
  • Health, Safety, Fitness and Wellbeing
  • Engaging with the Community
  • Working in Teams

Uniformed and Emergency Services: An Introduction

The students will be introduced to the roles and responsibilities of uniformed and emergency services team members, as well as knowledge and understanding of uniformed and emergency services environments.  Students will focus on a number of employability skills, eg. timekeeping, attendance and the ability to follow instructions.  They will develop the skills of reflecting and evaluating, through reviewing their own employability skills and recording their progress throughout the unit. Examples of practical activities could include: assisting with administrative tasks, participating in command tasks, assisting with routine checks or maintenance of equipment.

Uniformed and Emergency Services: Health, Safety, Fitness and Wellbeing

This unit introduces the student to the importance of maintaining personal wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle to a career in the uniformed or emergency services. Through participation in physical fitness practical activities, students will develop an understanding of the importance of maintaining physical fitness to a career in the services.

The student will also be introduced to the process of carrying out assessment of risk. Students will participate in a number of simulated practical activities, which will assist them to contribute to the management of a simulated unexpected situation. Examples of unexpected situations include casualty incident, emergency situations such as the discovery of a fire or flood, gas leak or interruption to an electrical supply.

Uniformed and Emergency Services: Engaging with the Community

Students are introduced to the concept of diversity and the possible impacts of stereotyping on members of a community. They will investigate a community issue relevant to a uniformed or emergency service and will also interview a community member to obtain their views on a local issue. Finally, students will then explore the management of confrontation in relation to factors that may escalate a situation and actions that, when used appropriately, may defuse a situation.

Uniformed and Emergency Services: Working in Teams

Students will learn the nature and importance of team-working in uniformed and emergency services environments.  They will work as a member of a team to plan and carry out a task encouraging cooperative working.  They will also deal with challenging circumstances including: a reduction to the original time frame given to complete the task, a piece of equipment no longer being available, a change to the number of team members available or any alteration to a specific aspect of the brief or team resources.  Finally, students will review their own performance in relation to strengths and areas for improvement when working as a member of a team.

How will I study my course?

  • Part Time
  • Skills for Work

Contact the centre for information on how this course will be assessed.


How long will my course last?

160 Hours

4 subject units delivered over 1 Academic Year.

May be available over 2 academic years, 2 units per year.

Where can I study my course?

Start date

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What can I do on completion of my course?

The knowledge and experiences acquired by students may prepare them to work within the context of the uniformed and emergency services sectors within Scotland.


Is there more information available online?

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