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REHIS Elementary Food Hygiene (evening course)

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Starts 7pm. Ends 9pm (for 3 consecutive nights).

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Helen Gillies
tel: 03452309969

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This is the REHIS (Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland) Elementary Food Hygiene course. This course is designed for food handlers.

The course lasts 6 hours plus a 30-minute examination.

The course will cover:

  1. A general introduction to food hygiene in Scotland
  2. Bacteria and their characteristics
  3. The incidence of food poisoning and its prevention
  4. Personal hygiene and working habits of the food handler
  5. The working environment
  6. Common pests and their control
  7. Cleaning practices
  8. Food safety systems (Hazzard Analysis, Critical Control Point or HACCP)

On completion of the course, after passing the exam you will receive a REHIS Elementary Food Hygiene certificate. (Due to COVID this may take up to one month.)

How the course is delivered.

The course will be taught online, and as such, you will need a computer/laptop with internet access, a web camera and a microphone.

After registration with the college, you will be allocated a student number which will give you access to a Brightspace area where you will find learning materials, recorded lessons, worksheets and practice tests.

You will need to log in to Brightspace for the online lessons - a separate document will tell you how.

The online lessons will be over three days of two-hour sessions, followed by a half-hour exam at the end of the third session.  During this time the tutor will be guiding you through the knowledge you will need and you are encouraged to be an active participant at each session.

The assessment at the end is a 30 minute, online, multiple-choice paper consisting of 30 questions.